Fleece Jacket Navy

1500 SEK 750 SEK

Our Retro styled fleece jacket works both as insulation or you can wear it as a jacket. 2-way front zip with internal wind flap. Chest pocket and collar in a hand printed and natural indigo dyed fabric (more info below). 2 large side pockets, mesh lining and elastic ending on both body and arms.

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Hand printed blue nankeen
The term blue nankeen is a type of hand-printed fabric originally from Nanjing in China and originates on the Silk road for over 3000 years ago. Still today the same technique is used in the provinces around Shanghai. All materials and colors are 100% natural and made by hand.

Stencils are carved by hand in wood or on heavy paper. Then a mix of soya bean flour and slaked lime is applied through the openings of the stencil onto the white pure cotton cloth. When dry, the fabric is dipped numerous times into large tubs containing the natural indigo dye which is extracted from plants in the area. After the desired color is achieved and the fabric has dried, the paste is scraped off, revealing the white patterns on the now blue indigo dyed cotton fabric.

The natural indigo dye ensures the stability of the pattern. And just like your favorite pair of blue jeans the look becomes better and better over time.